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Refund Policy

Incomplete Orders

Clients are responsible for their orders. If your seller has not made progress on your order within a reasonable timeframe, you may request to cancel the order. If an order is marked as complete and it has not been fulfilled, it is your responsibility to contact us and let us know within 24 hours. It is our sole discretion to approve or disprove cancellations and refunds for incomplete orders; however, we will try our best to satisfy and be fair to both parties - client and seller.

Completed Orders

If a client files a dispute for a completed order, we will communicate with the client and the seller as well as fully review and analyse the situation. We are not obliged to process refunds for proven completed orders and we will not process refunds on behalf of sellers without reviewing the order and communicating with both the client and seller first. It is solely our discretion whether or not a completed order will receive a partial, full or no refund; however, we will try our best to satisfy and be fair to both parties - client and seller.

Seller Memberships

Seller memberships are billed on the basis of a monthly recurring subscription. These memberships are non-refundable; however, if you submit a refund request within two hours from payment, we will process a full refund for you. Recurring payments are non-refundable, so ensure that you cancel your subscription prior to the renewal date.

Featured Listings and Promotions

Featured listing purchases are non-refundable and we will not reimburse deleted listings that were featured prior to deletion. Promotions/Advertisements are non-refundable unless we are unable to fulfil the request.